What You Need to Know About Top 10 Phone Apps

Nowadays, in an age and time of technology, it is often joked that there is an app for everything and anything. Even though that can sound funny, it is not too far from the truth.

   A quick look at the Google Play Store or Apple Store will reveal an endless trove of mobile apps for everything – from taking accounts to monitoring your children. So what apps are regarded as the top 10 phone apps? This is surely a very interesting question, and this piece is set out to answer the question. Check out the sections below for an informative breakdown on these apps:

  1. Weather: Regarded by many to be the very best of all weather apps, 1Weather is the perfect companions for many. Apart from showing you all there is about the weather at the moment, it can also project forecasts for up to three months. This is in addition to other amazing packages it comes with. Another thing is that the owner can decide to customize it to personal taste.
  1. Google Drive Suite: A total package with a lot of uses and massive space, this cloud storage app is a major lifesaver for many. It is a real suite of popular and useful products like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Keep. For office and personal use, Google Drive Suite is well ahead of its rivals.
  1. Google Maps: Perfect for location and tracking, from your local market to an unknown destination, Google Maps is always ready to assist the user. It is the most preferred navigation app for so many people across the globe.
  1. Google Search: The ultimate when it comes to all search apps, practically all android phones on the planet use this simple to use app.
  1. Facebook: The most famous social media app in use on the planet. With well over one billion users, Facebook is clearly in a league of its own.
  1. Instagram: Also owned by Facebook, this photo-sharing app is also a mega delight.
  1. WhatsApp: This app is considered to be the undisputed ruler of all instant messaging apps, probably unbeaten by none except maybe Facebook Messenger even if not many will agree with this assertion.
  1. SnapChat: Another powerful photo and video sharing app which is considered the most serious rival to Facebook.
  1. Microsoft Office suite: Imagine a world without Microsoft Word, Excel, Note, Access, PowerPoint and others. The MS Office suite offers all these and even more.
  1. Google Assistant: Hailed by many as the future of artificial intelligence, this personal assistant app is growing in prominence and points to a future of comfort for us all.